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Indemnity Form

Alcohol, illness or drugs can inhibit your response and tolerance to cold water, your participation is allowed only on the assumption that you declare yourself fit and well at each swim.


I confirm that I am in good health and have no known medical problems that would restrict my ability to participate in open water swimming and related activities including taking part in coached sessions ("Open Water Swimming Activities"). I am aware of the risks of death/serious illness or injury and risks of damage to my property inherent in Open Water Swimming Activities. 

I acknowledge that I participate in any Open Water Swimming Activities entirely at my own risk and will not participate if I am not medically and physically fit on the day. Please consult a medical professional if you are in any doubt about your fitness to participate.

I acknowledge I have read a copy of Public Health England’s advice leaflet for open water swimming and the primary hazard information sheet (available on our website to download).

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of In The Wet Stuff.  I also agree to follow any instructions given to me by the coach/lifeguard.

By signing below, I confirm that I will not hold In The Wet Stuff, its employees, servants or agents liable for any loss, liability, damage, expense or claim, which I may suffer or incur as a result of participating in any Open Water Swimming Activities (including to the extent permitted by law, liability for death or personal injury). 

Specific Skins Session - Cold water immersion, even in supervised conditions can cause extreme physiological reactions and premature swim failure. Please follow all advice at the briefing and prepare for your core temperature to continue to fall even after you have exited the water. I can swim a minimum of 200m, front crawl or breaststroke, in a pool non-stop. 

At all other sessions wetsuits are mandatory at water temperatures of under 16℃, below this you will need to provide evidence of open water competency of swimming without a wetsuit and obtain agreement from ITWS prior to the swim. 

New to Open Water - I am new to Open Water and can swim a minimum of 50m in a pool non-stop and have a basic understanding of front crawl.

Open Water/Pool 1-2-1/Group Sessions - I can swim 200m Front Crawl in a pool non-stop

Journey Swim - I can swim the appropriate distance front crawl in open water related to any or all of the swims I have booked on in 2021

All swimmers must be 18yrs and over unless open water swim competence can be verified by a qualified swim coach/teacher.

Thanks for submitting!