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Your Data - Our Policy  

We keep this short, to the point and simple to understand otherwise nobody will read it!

Your data will only be processed by In The Wet Stuff in order to satisfy the services or information you have requested.  This can include providing information about our services, supplying specific information about open water swimming and coaching, invoicing or to ascertain your fitness to take part in physical activity. 


It is a requirement of our insurance to obtain, via a written questionnaire, answers to certain medical information. This information is kept secure and confidential and only used for emergency medical care or to give In The Wet Stuff grounds to prevent participation or require the client to seek a medical opinion. This information will be reviewed periodically and kept secure for at least two years after your last coached session. After this time the information will be destroyed securely.


In The Wet Stuff does not engage in any direct marketing activity using compiled lists or third party email software. Promotion is achieved via social media or personal contact that you have initiated.


Website cookies are used to improve access to the site and provide statistical analysis of activity only. In The Wet Stuff does not make any other use of this information and does not pass anything to third parties. You can choose to deny or remove cookies in your browser. Third party content like Facebook and Twitter may install cookies in order to access the service. You can manage cookies in your browser. Using third party links and services means you have rights with that organisation in relation to data.

This website is hosted through a US based (European HQ) company called WIX. They are required to be GDPR compliant and operate through secure data centres.

Payments are collected through a secure payment gateway provided by Square Up they process and use your data in order to facilitate the purchase. Again they must comply with the GDPR and you have rights over your data.


If you have any question or concerns about your data please get in touch by email or phone available on our contact page. We aim to deal with your concerns quickly. You have the right to see any data we hold or to have data deleted.


In a nutshell we don’t sell or buy data, give it away or keep it without a specific reason listed above and if you have any problems or issues we will sort it out. If a request for information was ever received from a court officer, police or other official body we would do our best to establish a legal right before disclosure.

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