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"Like a bad smell..."! 

Us again!


Stop asking and we will stop coming. Some swim adventures for your consideration...


Due to the general mishandling of just about everything by almost every Government on the planet, the cost of diesel has forced a slight price rise this year, sorry! Will be more generous with the sweeties though.

Season Openers 16th -17th June 2023

A couple of classic swims to wet your suit! Both different but always memorable.  One is tide assisted. The other a nice out and back both around 3km.

No Pain No Gain -  19th - 22nd June 2023 

The clue is in the title...

This challenge is a commitment to 4 early mornings and one evening. Think many sticks for your carrot!


If you're new to our coached sessions you can expect fun, skills,  drills, hard work and random elements like no other swim training. 


Limited places so be quick.

Mystery Swim Series 23rd -25th June 2023

Only for those who like a surprise and a bit of adventure. We will pick some great swims depending on conditions and let you know where to be 24 hours before. Like Christmas in the summer.

Team Challenge
27th -30th June

If you have some friends why not try this new event from the mad brains at ITWS HQ.

Think University Challenge, The Krypton Factor, The Crystal Maze and some swimming to get a sense of this crazy beach based foolishness. 

Physical and mental challenges and a guaranteed spell in the ocean. Prize for the winners - not necessarily the fastest swimmers? 

Get your team together. You need 3 participants who can swim.

Details coming soon
1st and 2nd July

Coasteering done the ITWS way. Not for the stag or hen parties, we will leave that for others. Plenty of thrills and skills with some swim sections thrown in. 

You will need some kit - wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid.

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